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How to Check Configuration


  1. Identify your Atlassian product and path to file

  2. Open file and search for these strings in the

    • (a)

    • (b) JMSAppender

  • If you find results, EDIT

    • Backup

    • Comment out or delete strings (a) and (b)

    • Save changes and restart service

Identify Product

Directory overview by product:


Default Path

Jira Server & Data Center


Confluence Server & Data Center


Bamboo Server & Data Center


Fisheye / Crucible


Crowd Server & Data Center


Open and Search

Change into the default installation directory of your specific product (table above) and search the file for the following lines:





If you found any line with JMSAppender while inspecting either or log4j.xml, please backup the files (for safety purposes) and comment out any lines which indicate the use of JMSAppender or delete them (this might differ on your system):

  • Save the file

  • To propagate the changes it is necessary to restart the application

Missing Bitbucket?

Question: I see Bitbucket Server/Data Center isn't in the list of products using Log4j but I can see Log4j JAR files in my installation directory, is my instance vulnerable?

Answer: No. Neither Bitbucket Server nor Data Center use Log4j, they use Logback.

Nevertheless, Bitbucket might under certain circumstances be affected as Bitbucket is bundled with Elasticsearch.

As we don’t have enough information yet – as a precaution – you might want to consider deactivating Elasticsearch in Bitbucket until more information is available

Keep in mind, this will disable the search feature in Bitbucket.

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