You can either configure Smartlinks globally via Admin Console > Smartlinks > Configure or on a Confluence space level via Space Tools > Apps > Smartlinks respectively on a Jira project level via Project Settings > Smartlinks > Configure.

Confluence Space Tools Smartlinks UI

A smartlink consist of a rule name, a pattern and an URL.

  • The rule name is the name you want to refer to in the UI itself. Thus it should be descriptive (not necessarily unique).
  • The pattern is a regular expression which is used to identify smartlinks in your Confluence or Jira texts. The pattern should be as detailed as possible and must contain exactly one matcher group which is represented by a opening and closing round bracket.
  • The url is used to generate a deep link to a system. The url has to contain a {ID} string which represents the matched value of your matcher group.

The example shown in the screenshot uses the following values

  • rule name: Jira Issues
  • pattern: JIRA-([a-zA-Z]+-[0-9]+)
  • url:{ID}

This rule will e.g. match the text JIRA-DEV-6987 in your Confluence page view or Jira issue view and link it to

Step 3 - Next

Add more smartlinks and try our available operations such as enable/disable, order, edit, delete.