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Use the Acrolinx scorecard

Acrolinx gives you a Scorecard that rates your content based on the types of issues that you're checking for. It also gives your content an overall Acrolinx Score.

Access a page's Acrolinx Scorecard

Once you have checked a page, you can open that page's Acrolinx Scorecard in three places:

  • In the page view screen, click the page's content quality score below the page title, and click Scorecard
  • Inside the page editor: in the Acrolinx Sidebar, click  Acrolinx > Scorecard

Analyze and review the Acrolinx Scorecard

The Scorecard contains a detailed breakdown of the quality of your content:

See the 'Reviewing your Scorecard' section of the Acrolinx documentation for a detailed guide of how to interpret the Scorecard.

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