We're happy that you've chosen Acrolinx Connector for Confluence. This article explains how to access the Acrolinx Sidebar, and use it to check the quality of your Confluence content.

Step 1 - Enable Acrolinx for a Space

To enable the app for a space goto Space ToolsApps > Acrolinx Connector - Settings and then click the Edit button and check Enable Acrolinx integration in this space.

As result the Acrolinx toggle will be available in the page editor.

Step 2 - Check Content in the Page Editor

Acrolinx Connector works by integrating the Acrolinx Sidebar into Confluence – letting you review issues found by Acrolinx side-by-side with your content in a completely unobtrusive way. You can open the Acrolinx Sidebar by clicking the Toggle Acrolinx Connector button in the Confluence editor toolbar.

  • Click the Acrolinx icon in the toolbar to open the sidebar
  • Click the check action to check the editor page content

Step 3 - Next

Once the text check is complete, you can review Acrolinx' suggestions on how to improve the text on this page, or view more a detailed breakdown of the check results on the Acrolinx Scorecard.