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Manage Guidance Profiles

After establishing a connection to the Acrolinx server, you can configure defaults for guidance profiles managed on the Acrolinx server.

Global default profile behavior

The global default profile is automatically set as the profile to be used when you first activate Acrolinx Connector in a space.

Configure Language Defaults 

If you are using Scroll Translations along with the Acrolinx Connector, default profiles for individual languages can be enabled. These profiles will be used in spaces managed with Scroll Translations, unless the space configuration overrides this.

To configure a default language for a guidance profile, navigate to Confluence administration > Acrolinx Connector > Guidance Profiles and click Configure Language Defaults for the relevant profile.

Next steps

Acrolinx Connector is globally configured, and now and needs to be activated on space level for certain spaces.

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